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Amazon pledges to become carbon neutral by 2040

Amazon pledges to become carbon neutral by 2040
Amazon pledges to become carbon neutral by 2040

Amidst the growing concerns for climate change and its effects, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos vowed to make the ecommerce giant carbon neutral by 2040. In order to achieve the goal, the company would be purchasing electric vans from a start-up besides other initiatives. 

The company delivers 10 billion packages per year and reducing pollution would be a tough task for it. Bezos said in a statement, “…we have to do it”.

Ahead of the Climate Week in New York where world and business leaders gather to discuss measures to eradicate climate change, Bezos talked about various actions that can be taken in these regards at a press conference in Washington. 

Ceres, a non-profit group based in the United States, said that the ecommerce giant is the first company to have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Vice president of climate and energy at Ceres, Sue Reid, said that this move by Amazon would have a chain reaction as the company is embedded in the whole economy.

Bezos said that Amazon currently fulfils 40 percent of its energy requirements from renewable sources but would move to 100 percent by 2030. He also said that the company will meet the goals set at the Paris climate accord 10 years prior to the schedule. 

The US administration announced its withdrawal from the Paris climate accord back in June 2017.

To reduce emissions, the company would purchase 100,000 electric vans from Rivian Automotive LLC, a US-based startup. 

Amazon and Ford Motor are major investors in the vehicle design and manufacturing startup. Amazon CEO said that the deployment of electric vans would commence by 2021 and all 100,000 vans would be on road by 2040. 

The company owns 30,000 vehicles that are used to deliver packages to customers across the United States.

Bezos did not specify the amount of finance it would take to reduce emissions and reach the goals set by the company but said that it would save money in the in long run.