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Ryanair airlines pilots suspend strike action due this month

Ryanair airlines pilots suspend strike action due this month
Ryanair airlines pilots suspend strike action due this month

Pilots Ryanair airlines UK suspended a planned 5-day strike due this month as the unions and the airline management move to take talks further.

The strike was planned on five days: 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29 of September. However, the low-cost airlines informed that it has been called off as the two parties would engage in talks again in the coming week.

Ryanair pilots had walked out earlier before the announcement of the strike as well which caused some issues with the airline’s operations. The pilots, who have  are part of the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA). 

Michael O’Leary, chief executive officer of Ryanair said on Thursday that the strikes were “complete failures”. The union also accused the airline of the potential removal of the pilots’ benefits if they engage in the strike.

BALPA said on its website on Friday that they wouldn’t engage in strike action in the near future in order to allow for talks between the two parties which would be overseen by ACAS, a UK based conciliation service. It added that the participation in the strike action was significant and pilots were committed to the action, but it was cancelled to in hope of construction talks.

The union said on Thursday that it was not heard from the airline as of now but expects to engage in negotiations on Friday or that following Monday. 

Strike actions take were taken by unions took a heavy toll on Ryanair’s profits last year in summers. There was a conflict between the employer and the unions over compensation and working conditions. However, unlike the disruptions last year, multiple strikes in Portugal, Spain and Britain have not affected companies to a great degree. 

Ryanair said in a statement that only about 50 percent of their pilots were part of BALPA.