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Advanced Energy to roll out Open Compute Project ORv3 version

Advanced Energy to roll out Open Compute Project ORv3 version
Advanced Energy to roll out Open Compute Project ORv3 version

Advanced Energy is set to introduce an Open Compute Project ORv3 power shelf meant to underpin the transition towards the adoption of 48-volt data center infrastructure.

Sources cite that even though data center racks use 12-volt power shelves, high performance storage and compute platforms warrant more power, thereby leading to high current.

Transition from 12-volt to 48-volt power distribution is said to reduce the present draw by four factor and tend to reduce conduction losses by 16 factor. Apparently, this translates into better thermal performance, increased efficiency and smaller busbars.

Brian Korn, Senior director at data center solutions for Artesyn Embedded Power group of Advanced Energy, noted that they are profoundly engaged in the growth of OCP open Rack standards and specifications, with insights from a slew of prominent hyperscale data center customers.

He went on to stress the relevance of next-gen 48-volt power distribution architecture to address shared challenges following the partnerships with a slew of companies. The collaboration will help offer OCP compatible solutions and retain differentiating intellectual property.

According to reports, development of the new standards-based design has been done after joining hands with leading OCP users and is apparently meant to create a common power platform for myriad customers across deployments, creating economies of scale, boosting adoption to help OCP community reap rewards.

The novel OCP ORv3 power shelf is said to boost the technology in the transition in hyperscale data centers toward the 48-volt rack power distribution.

It is worth noting that Artesyn products provide rack power solutions as data center computing embedded power market is growing rapidly in the wake of soaring cloud adoption and popularity of AI and ML.

The roll out of the novel OV3 power shelf is likely to take place from May 12 2020 to May 15 2020.

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