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Amorepacific teams up with RATIONALE to boost luxury beauty portfolio

Amorepacific teams up with RATIONALE to boost luxury beauty portfolio
Amorepacific teams up with RATIONALE to boost luxury beauty portfolio

Amorepacific Corporation has recently inked a partnership with Australian luxury beauty firm RATIONALE. This move is part of Amorepacific’s strategy to expand its luxury skincare portfolio, and establish a leading presence in the personalized cosmetics space.

The deal involves the acquisition of minority shares of RATIONALE Group by Amorepacific. Additionally, it also gives the company an advisory role and the right to vote on the Board of Directors of RATIONALE.

For the uninitiated, RATIONALE is a renowned skincare brand operating under its parent company, the RATIONALE Group. The brand offers personalized skincare regimens using high-end products and services, developed via skin analysis and testing. The RATIONAL brand is also known for its range of sophisticated skincare formulations, known as the Essential Six Collections, that offer environmental protection during the day and repair function at night.

Amorepacific is working closely with RATIONALE to bolster its plans to expand across the UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea by 2025. RATIONALE too, will have full support and aid from Amorepacific for its global expansion plans, in the form of access to its global business acumen and strategic expertise earned from a vast experience. The companies will work in synergy on integral decisions pertaining to global operation, through ongoing advice and Board representation. The companies are also evaluating the possibility of undertaking collaborative R&D efforts in the future.

President of Amorepacific, Saehong Ahn has reportedly stated that RATIONALE shares Amorepacific’s vision for innovation, which will allow the two companies to elevate personalized beauty solutions to greater heights. Ahn also added that Amorepacific will maintain its M&A and collaborative efforts with lucrative business partners to generate future growth opportunities.

RATIONALE’s founder and Director of Research, Richard Parker, also commented on the alliance, stating that the two companies are intuitively aligned, especially with regards to innovation and R&D commitments. As the leader in epigenetic research and an authority on environmental skincare, Parker has stated that the company is looking forward to working with Amorepacific and expanding this vital work.

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