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Apple holds up the production of new flagship iPhones this year

Apple holds up the production of new flagship iPhones this year
Apple holds up the production of new flagship iPhones this year

Apple Inc. is reportedly delaying the ramp-up of the production of its 2020 flagship iPhone 12 that was going to launch later in the year, extending the schedule by a month due to the considerably weak demand for products from the consumers and the disrupted manufacturing sector across Asia.

Apparently, the technology giant is moving ahead with its plans to launch about four new Phone models this year. It is expected that the new models shall be equipped with 5G connectivity and provide faster internet and low response times.

According to reliable sources, Apple, based in Cupertino, California generally starts the mass production of its phone offerings during early summer, before it disclosing the newer models by the middle of September as well as shipping the phones to the consumer later that month itself.

The company is expected to unveil about four new iPhone models later in 2020 and had managed to ship the newly launched iPhones SE, that are budget phones, in the previous week. However, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple had warned earlier in February that the plans of the company for further production and launch shall have to bear the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak.

Cook had also acknowledged in a virtual meeting with the entire company that the COVID-19 had been a stressful moment but also made sure to highlight the strong financial position of Apple, which will be continuing with the investments that it has been making on the product research and development.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple had been slashing the number of different handsets that it had been planning to produce by the second half of 2020 by nearly 20%. The company had unveiled recently the new iPhone SE as an attempt to broaden its appeal across customers who are budget conscious.


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