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ARM-based Fugaku Supercomputer becomes worlds fastest supercomputer

ARM-based Fugaku Supercomputer becomes worlds fastest supercomputer
ARM-based Fugaku Supercomputer becomes worlds fastest supercomputer

Japan's Fugaku supercomputer, a system developed jointly by RIKEN and Fujitsu Limited, and based on Arm technology, has reportedly snatched 1st place on the updated raking of TOP500 most powerful supercomputer across the world at ISC (International Supercomputing Conference).

After being the world's most powerful supercomputer on the Green 500 in November 2019, Fugaku also received the highest honors on the HPCG list, a ranking of benchmarks for real-world applications, and the HPL-AI, that states performance on tasks used in AI applications.

Sources cite that with 415,5 petaflops (nearly half an exascale), the high-performance LINPACK (HPL) system turns out to be superior to Summit, the former system No.1 Oak Ridge National Lab department of Energy, with a 2.8x factor.

Summit is now the second powerful supercomputer IBM developed that supplies 148.8 petaflops on the LINPACK and remains the fastest supercomputer in the U.S.

Arm also has made significant investments in the HPC software ecosystem facilitating seamless mobility across instruction sets, application creation, profiling, and debugging. In addition, Arm Compiler for Linux and Arm Allinea Studio added additional porting capabilities to help accelerate applications on existing and forthcoming Arm CPUs, as more such projects are based on Arm because they are open, efficient, and have software-related mobility features.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Fugaku supercomputer at the RIKEN Center is the flagship system that supports a number of applications, both socially and scientifically, as Japan works to create 'Society 5.0.' Fugaku will speed up research into new production processes that extend to drug discovery and weather and climate prediction and are already in use in the fight against the new coronavirus COVID-19.

Fugaku also ranked several other supercomputers and was the first to be included in the Graph500, HPL-AI, and HPCG, and lists at the same time.

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