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BlueCross to waive full treatment cost for Corona positive members

BlueCross to waive full treatment cost for Corona positive members
BlueCross to waive full treatment cost for Corona positive members

Starting from one to affecting lakhs of people, coronavirus cases have now taken an overwhelming toll on various countries. This outbreak has not only disrupted people’s health but has also resulted into  devastation of the global economy. 

However, against this backdrop, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has announced a relief for all its members. The company reportedly announced waiving of all out of pocket expenses for the treatment of coronavirus, if any member is diagnosed with the virus, through May 31 this year. This is indeed a noble move by the company towards securing its’ members health and aiding the financial assets.

According to official sources, if a BlueCross member is diagnosed corona positive, they will be exempted from paying an out-of-pocket cost for testing and treatment administered via in-network providers such as urgent care facility and emergency room, visit to doctor’s office, and related inpatient hospital stays. As is declared, all of these would be covered under company plans, through 31st May 2020.

The company would urge its self-funded employer group customers to partake in renouncing cost sharing for COVID-19 treatments for their employees during this health epidemic. The benefit is available for all company employees in fully insured group, individual, BlueCare Tennessee plans, and Medicare Advantage.

In addition to this, the BlueCross Foundation also donated USD 3.25 million to food banks across the state to suffice increased needs pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, it also made donations of PPE to some Tennessee health systems.  

Commenting on the matter, the President and CEO of BlueCross, JD Hickey, M.D, cited that the company stands firm on its employees’ and the communities’ health priority. In order to achieve this, BlueCross has been immensely working towards removing any barriers in the path to receive the care its employees ask for, ever since the breakout of this pandemic.

Meanwhile, Dr. Andrea Willis, senior VP and CMO stated that the clinical teams have been maintain a close communication with public health officials so as to support the communities and any members affected by the virus. She further adds that the company has been focusing on acting and sharing information with the members to help bring them the peace of mind amidst this coronavirus scare. 

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