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DuPont unveils new PPE supply program to fight COVID-19 outbreak

DuPont unveils new PPE supply program to fight COVID-19 outbreak
DuPont unveils new PPE supply program to fight COVID-19 outbreak

DuPont has recently unveiled a new program called #TyvekTogether to be able to boost the total availability of Tyvek personal protective garments, to back the continued efforts of the firm in its fight against the spread of coronavirus and help protect the healthcare worker’s life. The initiative is capable of delivering about 6 million non-surgical isolation wear every month by helping many others to join the company to protect the frontline responders.

General Manager and Vice President of DuPont Safety Solutions, John Richard commented that the need for protective clothing is critical at this point of time and the firm believes that working with the others to transform their already present capacity of cut and sew manufacturing to the fabrication of protective garment, which is the fastest way of protecting people.

Richard further added that the employees of the company have been dedicated and have been working around the clock to produce Tyvek patterns and materials that can be available to organizations, for working together and secure the ones making efforts to protect others.

According to reliable sources, DuPont has majorly invested in both technology and equipment to boost the production of Tyvek as well as Tychem garments across the world. This will help meet the rising demand for PPEs. The company has increased its production of all the Tyvek garments since January by over 9 million garments every month, particularly as a response for COVID-19, a number that is more than twice the amount manufactured for any crisis before this.

The #TyvekTogether program shall unveil a new special Tyvek fabric to augment the speed of the production of the garment as a response to the coronavirus situation, going up to 15 million garments per month. The partners can also utilize their designs for garments and coverall to be able to meet the local needs. The company will be donating over 57,000 Tyvek coveralls to the U.S. states directly, particularly those which have been the most impacted.


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