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EMQ boosts global mass payments via new Enterprise Settlement Solution

EMQ boosts global mass payments via new Enterprise Settlement Solution
EMQ boosts global mass payments via new Enterprise Settlement Solution

Global financial settlement network EMQ has recently launched a new business payment solution to boost international mass payments. The solution features same-day settlement abilities in local currencies across 8 economies. These include India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, Japan, Malaysia and China.

The new solution helps expand EMQ’s network infrastructure in terms of certainty, speed and transparency, in domestic markets. Furthermore, it allows global enterprises to streamline their mass international payment structures and capitalize on opportunities across lucrative markets in high-growth developing economies.

EMQ co-founder and CEO, Max Liu has reportedly stated that cross-border B2B payments are witnessing a tremendous surge given the increasingly international presence of enterprises. However, the process for B2B payments is largely friction-filled and cumbersome, urging enterprises to seek a more robust payments infrastructure. EMQ new enterprise settlement solution addresses this challenge, by combating the complexities involved in real-time international payments processing.

He also commented that EMQ’s vast global reach, coupled with expertise in local markets could allow the business community to leverage the new EMQ platform for efficient and compliant cross-border transactions, whilst scaling up across multiple markets.

Liu went on to state that EMQ is highly focused on streamlining B2C and B2B cross-border transactions by delivering a robust network infrastructure. He further stated that the company would persist in its efforts to expand business capabilities across high-growth markets worldwide, in coming months.

EMQ’s API infrastructure is built to provide high availability to cater to companies with high transaction volumes. The solution gives these businesses the ability to automate their workflows in order to decrease operating overhears and bring down costs.

EMQ has recently escalated network expansion efforts across myriad locations, including Africa, APAC and North America. The company, which is known for its extensive global reach and operational excellence, has access to more than 80 major global markets. It is registered in Canada as a Money Service Business, in addition to being licensed in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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