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EnterpriseDB declares extension of PostgreSQL technical support

EnterpriseDB declares extension of PostgreSQL technical support
EnterpriseDB declares extension of PostgreSQL technical support

Enterprise Postgres company, EnterpriseDB, has reportedly made it to the front page for announcing that it plans to extend its technical support offerings, which will now be inclusive of PostgreSQL on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The decision may have possibly stemmed from the fact that the adoption of Postgres is continuing to increase as it is the most preferred data store for a huge portfolio of use cases. Also, there is a rising need for enterprise-stage tech support and administration on cloud platforms.

The services offered by EnterpriseDB include:

PostgreSQL Technical Support: This will provide Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL users, with timely, reliable, professional support 24X7, from some of the globally known, highly knowledgeable Postgres engineers.

Cloud DBA: This will offer remote database administration services – inclusive of management, maintenance, and monitoring of Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. EDB team members coordinate with clients and help to optimize and operate the instances running on these cloud platforms. This service will also offer an economical solution for users requiring consistent expert support to manage cloud-hosted Postgres.

EnterpriseDB offers the best-in-class services in order to help users realize their goals, especially when they are required to ensure continuity for workloads that are mission critical.

John Murphy, Senior VP, Products, EnterpriseDB, has reportedly been quoted to state that in the current scenario and the instantaneous shift in the economy, organizations are striving to understand how they can operate in a reliable manner while simultaneously being at peak efficiency and reducing costs. The company believes that in such times, it must stay focused on providing organizations with all the help they need, with Postgres, no matter what version they may be using, owing to which these services have been introduced, he adds.

Carl Olofson, Vice President, Research, Data Management Software, IDC, has reportedly been quoted to say that numerous organizations, while initially dealing with PostgreSQL, do not have the necessary expertise among their staff for database administration and management. These new support services added by EnterpriseDB however, are likely to provide attractive, viable, and cost-effective options that can get rid of technical obstacles and ensure that organizational operations are done more quickly, in an efficient manner, he adds.

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