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FirstNet board receives $218M for 5G core network development

FirstNet board receives $218M for 5G core network development
FirstNet board receives $218M for 5G core network development

Proliferation of 5G network is witnessing a massive momentum of late, owing to surging demands from various industries and commercial spaces. Considering the increasing 5G network reach, the US government agency which works with interoperable wireless network for public safety users- FirstNet has reportedly announced furnishing a hefty USD 218 million for upgradation and development of 5G core. Apparently, this news comes handy for wide range of companies that are involved in commercialization of 5G core services like the HPE, Oracle, Microsoft, and Ericsson.

However, the company officials stated that this development stands as the debut step towards 5G and launch of company’s commercial 5G services goes unmentioned. As per company officials, new funds raised for network investment would cover additional deployables that the agency can use to tentatively augment, expand or offer coverage in state of emergencies and crisis. As per estimates, FirstNet counts nearly 70 such deployables, including an aerostat, Satellite Cell on Light Trucks, and drones. However, plans on purchase of additional deployables have not been disclosed.

FirstNet’s services are linked to AT&T’s network; which currently offers more than 1.3 million FirstNet connections across over more than 12,000 public-safety agencies.

As per reliable reports, AT&T recently recapped its expansion plans of lowband 5G network in the States amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The operator also delivers 5G in its highband, mmWave spectrum in particular downtown areas across various cities. This would indeed urge a 5G core for FirstNet to tap into AT&T’s commercial 5G network.

According to credible sources, an upgrade to FirstNet’s existing LTE core, 5G core is set to drive major increases in the quantity and types of connected systems for the network users encompassing unmanned aerial vehicles, and sensors. The company has also put forth its agenda to use 5G for providing services like Device to device communications to users for establishing communication directly with each other, despite being out of the network coverage areas. It also hinted at offering enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services on 5G with an intent of preventing data traffic by allowing users to transmit video to a group in a single broadcast.

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