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Fusionex and Google Cloud to fuel digital transformation for SMEs

Fusionex and Google Cloud to fuel digital transformation for SMEs
Fusionex and Google Cloud to fuel digital transformation for SMEs

Fusionex, a leading data technology specialist, has undertaken efforts to support and help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be able to adapt businesses according to the new conditions brought about after the COVID-19 pandemic, with the help of cutting-edge and innovative solutions built on Google Cloud Platform technologies.

Every business has had to face different types of disruptions as the emergence of COVID-19 has become an unprecedented challenge on a large scale. Countries across the world have preached the concept of social distancing and even implemented certain measures to restrict movement, that has majorly altered the different ways consumers behave and even interact with products, businesses, and services.

Fusionex trusts that digital transformation will be the answer to revert all the setbacks in light of the current situation. The initiative driven by Google and Fusionex will be allowing SMEs to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics to manage the changes in the market, sustain core business processes and solve operational challenges amid this uncertainty.

The services will allow SMEs to keep their operations afloat with the help of intelligent automation gaining better insights to allow making holistic and smarter decisions while capitalizing on the advantages of working remotely. The smaller enterprises will be having the tools that are needed to adjust to the ongoing state of affairs while sustaining the business.

Fusionex being a partner with Google Cloud Services provides training programs as well as consulting services for other SMEs, helping them to build on competencies revolving around Google Cloud Platform to improve and advance the business.

The program will be aiding to eliminate any guesswork the moment SMEs decide to go digital as the company provides them with skills, knowledge, tools and perspective that is required to establish a digital presence and surpass various business needs.


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