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Fusionex to digitize operations of an international business group

Fusionex to digitize operations of an international business group
Fusionex to digitize operations of an international business group

Malaysia headquartered Fusionex- a prominent data technology provider has recently been awarded a multi-year deal with one of the leading international corporate groups to advance their prevailing customer engagement systems by introducing advanced digital technologies in its workings.

Reportedly, the client is a major hypermarket and financial management group with approximately 300 subsidiaries and affiliated companies across the globe. Along with being a leading retail chain in the region the client also takes part in the development of shopping centers, operation of specialty stores and credit card services, among various others.

Apparently, Fusionex will provide the clients with technologically advanced solutions that use Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Management and Machine Learning to improve customer engagement, develop a data driven working environment and optimize the business processes.

For the record, the collaboration aims at supporting the digital strategies of the client with regards to estimating and meeting the demands of the prevailing time sensitive and technologically advanced customers with a primarily agenda of improving the overall customer experience.

As per reliable sources, the client’s wide range of customer transactions and financial credit offerings have generated huge amounts of data. With the help of Big Data Analytics platform, the Malaysian giant will assist the client to achieve invaluable insights from the data. This will permit the client’s merchandising and marketing division to create innovative ideas with an aim to better serve their customers with the help of target marketing and personalized shopping experiences.

Citing reports, Fusionex’s advanced technology will be integrated with the client’s working environment, the platform will also combine the superior AI and Machine Learning technology of Fusionex to assist in creating a more transparent and seamless journey for the customers.

Once the platform is launched, customers will receive only promotions and campaigns that are of their interest. This powerful approach will allow the clients to boost their products and services with easily converting visitors to buyers and maximizing their profits and overall customer spend.


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