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Fusionex to implement digital platform for a major oil & gas client

Fusionex to implement digital platform for a major oil & gas client
Fusionex to implement digital platform for a major oil & gas client

Fusionex, a leader in AI and Big Data technology that has won several awards, has recently inked a contract with one of the biggest oil and gas firms in the region for implementing a digital platform that is data-driven, to improve the customer experience.

The client is mainly a global energy firm that has been ranked among the biggest corporations on the Fortune Global 500 with more than 1,000 gas stations. They have been renowned for their oil and gas ventures and their portfolio widely involves both the unconventional as well as the conventional production and resource exploration along with the wide range of petrochemical and fuel lubricant products.

The initiative has been taken as the oil and gas industry has been facing an economic shock and a volatile landscape. The requirement for a digital transformation has never been bigger as the conventional, physical and manual means have not been sufficient.

Digital innovations that have been placed shall be executed at a fast pace to be able to meet the requirements of the new normal with infrastructure, operations as well as processes re-strategized, reimagined and rethought.

The digital platform tends to leverage analytics in order to convert data into more actionable insights, helping the clients deliver a persuasive customer-first experience as well as greater business value for the customers. The platform is capable of offering the correct means to pinpoint all the main prospects that can create an impact on the customer base of the clients.

Lim Yi Yang, Program Director at Fusionex said that the AI and Machine Learning algorithms of the platform offer tools for data enrichment of the customers, letting the client be able to secure better insights of the customer behavior.

This helps the clients in gaining the ability to be able to build efficient digital strategies that shall allow them to make a better recommendation, establish and maintain a higher level of customer trust and also discover opportunities, gaps and revenue streams for optimization and better growth. 


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