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Huntkey introduces small-size desktop air purifier to remove viruses

Huntkey introduces small-size desktop air purifier to remove viruses
Huntkey introduces small-size desktop air purifier to remove viruses

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become imperative for communities to find different solutions to prevent any possible spread of the coronavirus. In addition, it is time to remain vigilant and staying away from numerous other viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles. As such, organizations are actively aiming to provide ample solutions in order to create clean air working environments for all applications.

In one such case, Oucica, a fully-owned subsidiary of SHENZHEN-based Huntkey, has reportedly launched a new small-size desktop air purifier, titled DJ010. The purifier is integrated with HEPA and photocatalyst filters that have been touted as a suitable means to remove viruses, chemical vapors, bacteria, haze particles, odors, and much more. Such a setup works best for small working rooms or living rooms.

The main characteristic of the DJ010 is photocatalyst air purification. The photocatalyst is a type of catalyst that can stimulate chemical reactions such as decomposing organic compounds into co2( carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). By removing the stubborn airborne hazards, like bacteria and viruses, a photocatalyst air purifier is thus able to clear air, which is a key difference between photocatalyst and ordinary air purifiers.

The DJ010 has the shape of an egg, measuring a size of Φ108*160mm. The air volume is maximum 10cbm/h which can be cleaned with air for an 8-10cbm room. The power supply is less than 200mW and the noise level is up to 38dB(A).

For the record, Oucica is a photocatalyst air purifier developer. A range of air purifiers has been developed by the firm includes models KJ380 for large areas, CJ001 for sterilization in cars, and DJ010 for desktops for improved air quality in normal living and working environments.  

On the other hand, Huntkey has expertise in the design, development, and manufacturing of PC power supplies, surge protectors, industrial power supplies, chargers, and adapters.

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