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IBM launches coronavirus map and app for tracking COVID-19 infections

IBM launches coronavirus map and app for tracking COVID-19 infections
IBM launches coronavirus map and app for tracking COVID-19 infections

IBM’s ‘The Weather Channel’ has reportedly come up with new tools for tracking coronavirus infections. As per sources, a new online dashboard as well as an app have been launched for the same. All the reported COVID-19 cases apparently appear on the map that will help individuals as well as business establishments keep track of the spread of the virus near them.

Sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter claim that these free tools will run on the IBM public cloud and deploy IBM Watson in order to scrutinize data from the World Health Organization in tandem with the state, local, and national government bodies. Since this data is comparatively more localized than other available resources available, it will be able to narrow down the situation to the county level in the U.S.

Cameron Clayton, General Manager, The Weather Company, IBM, has been reported saying that The Weather Channel is now specifically providing COVID-19 data so that people can see for themselves, why social distancing is vital for the community and why it’s rather important that the masses heed to the instructions by the authorized government bodies. The tools have been developed, keeping in mind the critical current situation and uncertainly in daily lives that demand highly trusted data on the COVID-19, Clayton adds.

These tools include an advanced, AI-enhanced, interactive Incidents Map that delivers COVID-19 data and stats – comprising confirmed cases in the U.S., right till every state county. Also, there's a trend graph for every state in the U.S. for the latest statistics.

Additionally, there’s an interactive dashboard, built on IBM Cognos Analytics and driven by IBM Watson. The dashboard has apparently been designed in order to help media establishments,, data scientists, and the research community conduct an in-depth analysis as well as filtering of regional data. Since some of the available global data is inclusive of the confirmed cases, recoveries, etc., users will be able to narrow it down to the state and county level in order to obtain further insights.

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