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iWallet automates payment processing to help companies amidst pandemic

iWallet automates payment processing to help companies amidst pandemic
iWallet automates payment processing to help companies amidst pandemic

Digital transactions, once a convenience, have become a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a bid to facilitate contactless transactions, iWallet Inc, a payment processing company has reportedly automated transitions through ACH (Automatic Clearing House) fund transfer system. 

According to sources, the introduction is an advanced move towards the payment processing systems for small businesses as it assists them to initiate contactless transactions with zero hidden charges. The solution also helps restaurants in the current social distancing norms by developing scalable QR menus with zero contact order generation facilities. With this new technology, restaurants can conveniently restart their operations amidst the pandemic.

Sources cite that iWallet ACH is a simple and quick payment processing system in which the user can point and click on the QR code on the smartphone. The payment data is stored in the form of a QR code on a secured server with no chance of cash withdrawal from the card. This effectively eliminates the need to carry cash and cards in the wallet and makes the transaction easier.

IWallet's QR processing system can be used primarily in department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, shops, and restaurants that allow vendors and users to operate on a simple, creative, and ultra-safe technology platform. The QR menu is an important part of the future automation of the program. Once iWallet is newly added, consumers can pay by credit card as well with the inclusion of processing fees.

iWallet is also extending its facility with an easy-to-make QR menu option. In a few easy steps, restaurants can create a QR menu of the dishes served. The iWallet program utilizes the PDF Document or Picture format and transforms it into a QR-Menu.

The platform is planned to offer a seamless start to the restaurant industry during and after COVID-19. It is also set to introduce a new system, dealing with the consumer's worries and safety guidelines adopted by restaurants and businesses.  

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