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Khiron launches teleconsultation service suite to meet patient needs

Khiron launches teleconsultation service suite to meet patient needs
Khiron launches teleconsultation service suite to meet patient needs

Vertically integrated cannabis company, Khiron Life Sciences Corp., has reportedly announced that it has launched a teleconsultation service suite. The firm has leveraged its medical team as well as the existing patient network in order to meet the basic needs of patients through the COVID-19 pandemic. Post the initial beta, Khiron will expand these services spanning its overall patient network as telemedicine services depict a rise in acceptance.

While the beta phase will be launched on April 1st, sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter claim that the expanded services will be introduced in the ensuing weeks. The service suite will be available to patients throughout Colombia, inclusive of Khiron’s 120,000 patient network established via ILANS and Zerenia, its medical facilities.

Alvaro Torres, CEO & Administrator, Khiron, has been claimed to say that in this crucial scenario, it is rather important for Khiron to meet the medical needs of patients. The teleconsultation service suite has come to fruition on account of the firm’s medical expertise and established patient network, enabling Khiron to quickly take action in order to deliver essential medical services as well as prescriptions for numerous drugs, including medical cannabis, Torres further added.

The CEO also went on to add the emergency plans seem to be in place for all of Khiron’s facilities, and these have been implemented in all these establishments already. All of Khiron’s supply chain and medical facilities are operating adhering to stringent government guidelines that have been established in the light of this pandemic, Torres said, congratulating the front line responders for their dedication and hard work for keeping patient lives on priority.

For the record, presently, Khiron is the only company that is authorized for cannabis sales in Colombia. The firm recently obtained the GEP (good production practices) certification for masterful cannabis preparations.

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