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Kioxia introduces cutting-edge NVMe™ SSD Form Factor for data centers

Kioxia introduces cutting-edge NVMe™ SSD Form Factor for data centers
Kioxia introduces cutting-edge NVMe™ SSD Form Factor for data centers

Kioxia Corporation, the Japanese multinational computer memory manufacturer, has reportedly commenced the shipment of engineering samples of cutting-edge EDSFF (Enterprise & Datacentre SSD Form Factor) E3.S. that facilitates greater density and performance thereby accelerating data center scalability.

The new form factor is being standardized by the SNIA SFF Technology Affiliate (TA) Technical Work Group (TWG). E3.S will be a new NVMe™ SSD form factor in enterprise and cloud data centers, particularly aiming PCIe® 5.0.

Sources cite that the E3.S will contribute to the development and design of cutting-edge systems like cloud, general-purpose and hyper-converged servers and All-Flash Array (AFA) systems in enterprise and cloud data centers.

The new form factor will have power, size, and capacity options with a common connector. EDSFF E3.S is developed for future PCle generations that offer improved power efficiency, cooling, performance, and flexibility over other form factors.

According to sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, EDSFF E3 will come with several benefits including greater density for flash storage for efficient use of power, system rack deployments, and storage footprint. The form factor supports PCle 5.0 and beyond through enhanced signal integrity. It also backs x8 PCIe lane configurations and has better thermal and cooling characteristics.

For the record, headquartered in Tokyo, Kioxia Corporation is one leading companies that develops memory management solutions. The company was in headlines recently for its 24G SAS SSDs for storage and servers.

With this announcement, the company has become the first firm to introduce 24G SAS to storage and servers with the launch of the 6th generation enterprise SAS SSD family.

First showcased at Flash Memory Summit 2019, the company’s PM6 series of enterprise SAS SSDs was based on the 24G SAS technology and is enabled by PCIe® 4.0 ecosystem. These drives are now available for qualification and evaluation.

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