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KT commercializes 5G autonomous freight carts for logistics

KT commercializes 5G autonomous freight carts for logistics
KT commercializes 5G autonomous freight carts for logistics

Today, the world is on the cusp of adopting 5G connectivity which has the capability to transform the connectivity landscape of industries worldwide. This revolution is likely to create new growth opportunities and increase the productivity of numerous industries. Having understood its extraordinary benefits over traditional networks, such as low-latency and reliable communication capacity, millions of connections per kilometer, and Gbps-level bandwidth, the companies worldwide are leveraging 5G technology to spur a new wave of business development.

KT Corporation is one such leading South Korean telecommunication company that has stood out in this regard. As per the latest news, the company has reportedly announced that it is using 5G autonomous carts at its logistics center, enabling around 50% reduction in employees' travel range for transporting and loading inventory.

With this move, KT Corporation has become the first company to use cutting-edge smart logistic vehicles in the South Korean communications industry. The company has deployed two types of 5G self-driving carts including ‘TarGo’ and NarGo in partnership with Twinny, a firm specializing in indoor online platforms and autonomous robots.

Sources familiar with matter cite that the company incorporated its AIV (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle) service in Targo and Nargo. It is an integrated control system that evaluates operating conditions and processes instructions by using real-time data and pre-installed maps on automated carts. The company also enables latency-free collection and examination of operational data along with statistics compilation.

Speaking on which, Choi Kangrim, Head of Connected Car Biz Center at KT said that in preparation for the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, technologies that reduce person-to-person contact would witness increasing demand across numerous industries.

Mr. Choi added that by implementing AIV service based on its cutting-edge communication platforms and networks in a broader scope of industries and leading technological advancement, the company would put its best foot forward to help customers to enjoy the benefits in their everyday lives.

Meanwhile, in response to the ongoing pandemic, the company will commence offering 5G self-driving carts and control systems for logistics operations at libraries, hospitals, and numerous industries.

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