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Mitsubishi announces development of cooperative AI technology with IRL

Mitsubishi announces development of cooperative AI technology with IRL
Mitsubishi announces development of cooperative AI technology with IRL

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has recently announced the development of a cooperative AI (artificial intelligence) technology. The technology adopts IRL (inverse reinforcement learning) to improve the work collaboration between machines and humans. Deployment of IRL will help machines imitate and learn the actions of the skilled workers.

IRL is a key feature of Maisart® AI technology of the company that allows the imitation of human-like actions by machines based on a relatively small amount of data. Implementation in AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and robots at the distribution and production sites, where humans operate alongside machines, will enhance the new cooperative artificial intelligence technology. This AI technology is anticipated to be adopted in autonomous driving vehicles as well as other applications.

The key features of the technology include:

  1. Efficiency improvements in human-machine work environments: Mitsubishi’s collaborative artificial intelligence technology enables the usage of images from the video recordings of these environments or work areas by AGVs to significantly imitate and learn the human actions. By learning yielding and other such actions, the AI technology will prevent undesirable situations such as stalemates or collisions, which in turn, aids AGVs. There has been an increased operational efficiency of the in-house simulations conducted by the company by nearly 30% as compared to the efficiency in conventional mixed-work environments with less intelligent machines.
  2. Reduction of operational data amounts required for learning by Maisart’s IRL: Conventional ML requires large amounts of operational data to help AI imitate and learn the actions of humans, which results in cost and time burdens. However, the company’s Maisart AI adopts IRL to reduce this amount. The new AI technology requires only 10% or less data for videos in simulations.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi is planning to upgrade the new cooperative AI technology for other applications in the commercial facilities. Certain benefits foreseen by the company through the deployment of this technology include improved operational efficiency in logistics warehouses, factory production lines, and other settings as well as autonomous-driving vehicle applications.

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