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Philips to revamp its ventilator production in the wake of COVID-19

Philips to revamp its ventilator production in the wake of COVID-19
Philips to revamp its ventilator production in the wake of COVID-19

The company plans to boost its ventilator production to facilitate hospital’s treatment of coronavirus in the upcoming eight weeks.

In an attempt to boost the ongoing treatment of coronavirus, Royal Philips, NV has announced its plans of revamping up the production of critical health treatment products within the next eight weeks. Amongst these, the company shall target a four-fold increase in the output of ventilators. This move is ascertained to meet the demand from hospitals worldwide to treat the patients suffering from coronavirus.

The other critically-needed products across the healthcare systems include vital signs monitor, medical equipment, and portable ventilators to treat a gamut of respiratory conditions. Moreover, the company, as per official sources, is looking onto hiring more employees, increasing the working hours, and adding lines to ensure the continuity of production 24*7.

As the rate of coronavirus outbreak is drastically rising, countries across the globe are desperately demanding ventilators to treat the affected. In wake of this situation, the company is currently serving the countries that have a huge patient pool. The company has been delivering products to China, Italy, and currently is furnishing the needs of France, Switzerland, Spain, and New York along with progressively expanding the production to keep pace with development of outbreak.

Philips apart, Germany has also called in for support from its car makers to shift to ventilator and mask production, thereby halting the car manufacturing operations. Not only this, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ferrari NV are in talks with one of Italy’s profound ventilator manufacturers to support the production.

Speaking on the matter, the Chief Executive Officer of Philips, Frans van Houten commented that the company is employed in manufacturing nearly a thousand ventilators per week and is further looking to achieve a target of over 2000 ventilators in the upcoming weeks.

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