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Picosun offers ALD Technology for multiple new photonics applications

Picosun offers ALD Technology for multiple new photonics applications
Picosun offers ALD Technology for multiple new photonics applications
  • The company has announced offering ALD technology for its new photonics applications.
  • Although businesses have been witnessing critical slow down amidst COVID-19, ALD Technology may stay strong in every aspect.

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spread, Picosun Group has opened gates for the ALD technology for several of its new photonics applications. For the record, Picosun offers the most advanced AGILE ALD thin film coating solutions for various global industries.

ALD solutions enable a technological dive into the future, with turn-key manufacturing processes and unprecedented and pioneering expertise in the field. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has been critically disrupting various businesses globally and Picosun itself, ALD is still going strong as new domains and verticals of the industry keep unveiling its potential all the time, one of them being photonics. Moreover, it has been reported that photonics has been emerging as a most profitable vertical for the Picosun Group.

Speaking on the matter, the CEO of Picosun Group, Jussi Rautee stated that the company’s global management team is now focusing its efforts on offering leading edge ALD solutions and services to its customers all across the globe. He adds that photonics covers a wide spectrum of key enabling technologies of today ranging from optical data transmission and optical ICs to medical application and quantum computing. Additionally, the company is ecstatic to deliver its ALD solutions to the leading companies in this field in order to keeping their businesses on pace.

Stressing on the current pandemic scenario, Mr. Rautee claimed that these crucial times have produced challenges for umpteen companies. However, novel and advanced means of communication and data sharing would potentially support communities in these times as well as in the future, he said, adding that the importance of most next-gen technologies such as ALD, is paving way for global digital leap for various business in remote working, different digital operations, and video conferencing.

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