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President Trump to ink executive order targeting social media giants

President Trump to ink executive order targeting social media giants
President Trump to ink executive order targeting social media giants

The President of America, Donald Trump, has reportedly announced that the government is planning to ink an executive agreement order that will target social media firms regarding the content on their platform.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the wide-ranging order comes after Twitter took the step of labeling one of Trump’s tweets and linking users to news articles that fact-checked President’s claims.

This move of Twitter infuriated the President and his supporters, who blasted Twitter and other social media giants for engaging in censorship and demonstrating politically biased views. On Wednesday, the American President threatened to ‘strictly regulate’ or even shut down’ social media platforms.

The government authorities did not give any further details on this executive agreement. It is still unclear how Trump would act on the threat of closing down privately-owned companies including Twitter Inc.

From the past few days, Mr. Trump has been accusing social media platforms of stifling conservative voices. Before going to Florida to watch a space launch that was delayed due to bad weather, Mr. President again accused social media platforms of bias without giving evidence.

Mr, Trump tweeted to his over 80 million followers that Republicans felt the social media platforms ‘totally silence conservatives’ and that he will not allow this to happen. In the previous tweet, he said that Twitter was ‘stifling free speech’.

Speaking on the platform’s fact-checking policies in a series of twitters, Jack Dorsey, Chief Executive Officer of Twitter said that the company would continue to point out disputed and incorrect information about elections globally.

In an interview with reliable sources, Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer, Facebook stated that censoring social media platforms would not be the right reflex for a government worried about censorship.

Meanwhile, shares of both Facebook and Twitter have decreased considerably in the trading session on Wednesday.

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