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Qiming Venture Partners leads Series A funding round for HashQuark

Qiming Venture Partners leads Series A funding round for HashQuark
Qiming Venture Partners leads Series A funding round for HashQuark

Prominent Asian staking and blockchain infrastructure provider HashQuark has reportedly made it to the headlines for having participated in a major funding round. The company was recently funded by leading China-based venture capital firm Qiming Venture Partners, and has raised equity funding via a Series A round.

Other investors who participated in the round included HashKey Capital, SNZ, Fenbushi Capital, imToken Ventures, and Hash Global. With this move, HashQuark has become one among the few staking service companies that have been able to raise funding from traditional venture capital firms.

For the uninitiated, HashQuark is an arm of the HashKey Group – an international blockchain technology and digital asset firm.

Leo Li, Chief Executive Officer, HashQuark, has been quoted to state that the company had started out as a staking service provider concentrating on blockchain infrastructure construction with the intention to deliver high-quality services to the digital financial world. The amount obtained from this funding round will be deployed to strengthen the team and for international expansion, he says, adding that with this year being a rather crucial one, especially for large-scale blockchain and digital finance applications, HashQuark will be unveiling innovative products around Polkadot, PlatON, Ethereum2.0, etc., and will center its attention on digital financial world infrastructure.

Sources familiar with the matter claim that HasQuark has, since the end of 2018, been advancing its blockchain infrastructure business, and has been creating value while also operating reliable nodes for safeguarding PoS blockchains. With the help of its numerous industry resources and the support of a strong, professional technical team, HashQuark has now aiming to become one of the largest staking service providers worldwide.

For the record, HashQuark also boasts of having pioneered the "Staking + ecosystem provider" concept, that aims to provide high-quality PoS-backed blockchain projects along with ecosystem value, industry resources, and technology support – a move that seems to have gained strong support from myriad project foundations.

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