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Remark-Hanvon partner to win Phase 2 of China Mobile’s store project

Remark-Hanvon partner to win Phase 2 of China Mobile’s store project
Remark-Hanvon partner to win Phase 2 of China Mobile’s store project

Remark Holdings, Inc. and Hanvon Technology have recently entered a partnership deal and won the Phase 2 implementation of the store contract of China Mobile. This will enable the transformation of the corporate stores (17,800 in total) to smart retail stores. Remark’s subsidiary, KanKan AI, powered by its enhanced AI solutions, formed a partnership with Hanvon to win this 2nd phase of the Smart Telecom Operator Store Project of China Mobile.

Kai-Shing Tao, CEO & Chairman of Remark, has stated that the recent deal will enable the company to win more contracts as well as expand its business in the market for smart telecom retail store through the combination of advanced AI tech with KanKan’s sales channel and hardware expertise.

The delivery of the project is expected over the next 2 years. Phase 1 includes the upgradation of stores across the country, which is valued at $50 million to the company (Remark). Under Phase 2 of the project, an additional amount will be delivered to the company from its recurring software license.

Smart queue management systems, traffic counting, and facial-ID have been installed and are operational owing to the winning of Phase 1 of the project by KanKan AI and Hanvon. The Smart Queue Management System is among the installed systems that have been adopted in around 2,000 stores in China. The companies target to install this system in 5,000 stores by 2020 end. This system assists China Mobile's customers who use WeChat in discovering the nearest stores as well as the queue status of any store in real-time. It replaces the traditional paper ticketing with the electronic queue ticketing as well as helps in distributing the traffic to other stores.

The Phase 2 adds various incident detection functionalities such as stranger intrusion alerting, fire detection, object recognition & placement monitoring, overcrowding detection, staff attendance management, customer loitering prevention, dress code compliance monitoring, and mask-wearing compliance monitoring. It also supports a comprehensive 24-hour monitoring program in real-time.

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