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Samsung introduces cutting-edge, 1.2um, 50MP image sensor, ISOCELL GN1

Samsung introduces cutting-edge, 1.2um, 50MP image sensor, ISOCELL GN1
Samsung introduces cutting-edge, 1.2um, 50MP image sensor, ISOCELL GN1

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a multinational electronics company, has recently introduced a new 50MP image sensor, Samsung ISOCELL GN1, with 1.2um-sized pixels.

The new ISOCELL GN1 is the 1st image sensor launched by Samsung that offers both Tetracell technologies and Dual Pixel. It brings the performance of the image sensor to a new level and offers a dynamic picture-taking experience through its elevated light sensitivity for DSLR-level auto-focus speeds and stellar low-light photos.

According to Yongin Park, Samsung Electronics executive VP of sensor business, the company is the leading provider of high-performance image sensors using its innovative pixel technologies. The company believes that the recently introduced sensor will fulfil diversifying consumer needs and is planning to continuously offer cutting-edge image sensor solutions.

The GN1 delivers best-in-class auto-focusing, including 100 million PDAF (phase detection auto-focus) agents. With all the active pixels of the sensor working as auto-focusing agents, it can focus on and detect moving or still objects instantly, even in low-light conditions. A single-pixel output is created while capturing images, through the combination of various outputs from 2 photodiodes within the pixel.

The GN1 uses Tetracell technology for an ultimate, low-light photography. This technology is a pixel-merging technique that enhances the capacity of pixels to process and capture more light. It doubles the size of the pixel to 2.4μm & quadruples the light sensitivity to capture brighter photographs of 12.5MP by binning 4-pixel signals into one. Its capability to focus on the object in extreme low-light environment is due to its improved light sensitivity, which delivers sharper and brighter results.

In addition to Tetracell and Dual Pixel technologies, the new sensor comes with the Smart-ISO. It intelligently selects the real-time HDR, optimal ISO that simultaneously captures the scene in several exposures, and gyro based EIS (electronic image stabilization) that captures sharp video and images even while in motion. It supports video recording at over 8K resolution at 30fps.

The mass production of the GN1 will commence from May.

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