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Samsung unveils new security chip solution to protect private data

Samsung unveils new security chip solution to protect private data
Samsung unveils new security chip solution to protect private data

In this digital and interconnected world, security is a pivotal part of any smart device as they carry significant personal information. In bid improve security landscape in smart devices, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., one of the leading companies in advanced semiconductor technology, has reportedly revealed its new SE (Secure Element) chip (S3FV9RR) that improves protection for tasks such as isolated storage, booting, mobile payment, and many other applications.

Sources cite that the S3FV9RR chip is CC EAL (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) 6+ certified. CC EAL 6+ certification is utilized in applications that demand strict security requirements in the market such as e-passports, smartphones, and hardware wallets for cryptocurrency.

Speaking on which, Dongho Shin who is the Sr. Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung said that the company wants to secure connected devices like tablets and smartphones, to protect personal data and enable fin-tech activities such as stock trading, mobile banking, and crypto-currency transactions in this era of contact-less interactions and mobility.

Mr. Shin added that with this the new SE chip (S3FV9RR), the company is increasing a powerful deadbolt on smartphones to safeguard private data.

According to sources, with double secure storage capacity, this new security solution supports hardware-based RoT (Root of Trust), secure boot, and device authentication that takes smartphone security to the next level. Especially for manufacturers, service providers, and organizations, secure device authentication is improved with the RoT when running their own applications on a mobile device.

Moreover, as a standalone security solution, the new chip can work self-sufficiently from the security performance of the smart device’s main processor. This makes it an extremely versatile solution and expands the security capabilities of smartphones, IoT applications, and other devices in all performance levels.

Samsung’s new SE chip, S3FV9RR, is anticipated to be available within the third quarter of 2020.

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