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Sonos confirms launch of premium Dolby Atmos Arc soundbar in June

Sonos confirms launch of premium Dolby Atmos Arc soundbar in June
Sonos confirms launch of premium Dolby Atmos Arc soundbar in June

Sonos Arc is a newly debuted premium soundbar offering from Sonos that has been made for those people who have been seeking a more powerful device than a Sonos Beam. It will be potentially replacing the Playbase as well as the Playbar in the company’s lineup.

The device is larger than the other soundbars of Sonos and packs about eleven drivers for sound in multi-direction that includes support for Dolby Atmos. This is majorly helped by the curved grille that is in the front as well as the center of the Arc.

The grille is a large piece of a curved plastic that is drilled with over 76,000 single holes. A status light that is placed on top of the grille shall dim automatically when the room is left dim so the user can keep their focus on the content.

The Arc is usually designed for movies and TV and even has a strong focus on clear dialogue, can even accelerate the clarity of the dialogue and quiet louder sounds just like the Beam. The center channels have been mostly for the dialogues, the right and left channels usually help in offering an extensive range of soundstage, while on the other hand the upwards channels and sideways-facing surrounds provide more of the sound immersion and even support for Dolby Atmos.

Arc connects smoothly through ARC or HDMI eARC, even though they have also included an optical adapter for the TVs that do not support an audio return channel. It clearly shows when the Dolby Atmos is active.

The device is capable of detecting when it is placed to temper bass resonance, can be tuned by using the TruePlay technology of Sonos and is also able to detect the walls within the room to be able to adjust the device without keeping the shape of the room important. The audio device Sonos Arc will be available for preorder and shall launch at $799 on June 10.


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