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Sony Corp builds up anticipation ahead of its PlayStation 5 launch

Sony Corp builds up anticipation ahead of its PlayStation 5 launch
Sony Corp builds up anticipation ahead of its PlayStation 5 launch


  • Sony Corp recently revealed more than 24 prospective titles for its PS5 consoles during the presentation in an effort to build up excitement ahead of the year end launch.
  • In the presentation, the company also unveiled new graphics, gameplay and the new white exterior of the console. 

Sony Corp has built up excitement in people by announcing more than 24 titles for its Play Station 5 (PS5) console. Some of these names include titles from the Spiderman game series, Gran Turismo racing series in an effort to build up anticipation and excitement ahead of the year end launch.

As Microsoft prepares to launch its Xbox Series X console in the holiday season, Sony Corp provided glimpses, graphics and gameplay of the new PS5. The new console promises better graphics and even shorter load times.

The presentation of the PS5 garnered almost 2 million views on youtube and twitch where Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment pointed to the fact that there are games out there that can only be enjoyed with full features and power of the PS5 console. This presentation was supposed to be held last week but got delayed due to racial inequalities in the United States.

One of the proposed titles for the console were Miles Morales from the Spiderman series produced in house at Insomniac studios. The title given to the older version of Playstation, PS4 was “Project Athia” from Final Fantasy by the developer Square Enix holdings.

Serkan Toto, the Founder of game consultancy firm Kantan games called this move by Sony a smart one as it will help them generate a lot of buzz. The online presentations also displayed the new white exterior of the console which is a departure from the black color used in previous versions. There would be two versions of the device that will be made available to customers, one with the disc drive and the other one without because of gamers now shifting more towards digital downloads.

Piers Harding-Rolls, Head of Games Research at Ampere Analysis revealed that Sony had previously examined ways to reduce the price point for consumers so as to give the product more flexibility in the market. This move by Sony to introduce two different versions of consoles could indicate their prize flexibility move finally coming into fruition.

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