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SPS to launch unique solution to increase life span of PVC cards

SPS to launch unique solution to increase life span of PVC cards
SPS to launch unique solution to increase life span of PVC cards

In the era of digital payments and online transactions, financial institutions are often faced with the question of how effectively they can diversify their card offerings while simultaneously restraining costs. Amid this scenario, SPS is planning to introduce a solution to cater to the diverse market demands. The firm has coordinated with Lobra, the Switzerland-based adhesive expert, and is planning to expand its product portfolio with the Premium S-Lam®, which helps extend the life span of dual interface PVC debit and credit cards.

Lobra has considered the requirements of specific customers in terms of card durability. Accordingly, Lobra has given SPS an innovative product, thereby ensuring that it maintains its performance over many years, and prevents card peeling.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, Lobra’s product has been laminated with etched antenna in order to form the SPS Premium S-Lam®, integrated with the SPS eBoost PAY® technology. It has exceptional resistance to aging, a feature that has been validated by extensive tests that were performed by the Germany-based industry association Fogra. For the uninitiated, the Fogra Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien specializes in evaluating the reliability factor and physical characteristics of plastic products such as ePassports, ID Cards, and plastic cards.

SPS, since long, has been building upon its expertise of creating long life cycle documents to help the identity industry adapt to the banking sector’s requirements. For the record, the identity market is not just limited to ePassports and ID cards, it is also inclusive of a variety of PVC cards – these include healthcare cards, voting cards, driving silence, etc. These are the ones that require extra security since they are required for a lifelong period.

The Premium S-Lam® is much more durable than regular PVC cards, and it is also compatible with all the SPS security features for banking cards.

Andreas Looser, CEO, Lobra AG, has been quoted to state that the firm’s expertise has enabled them to develop adhesives that are in line with almost all customer requirements. This product has been designed with respect to the requirement of extended life duration, however, Lobra can also deliver customized products that will be equipped with features such as long life and resistance to peeling, he added.

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