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Technology major Apple donates 10M masks to U.S. medical care workers

Technology major Apple donates 10M masks to U.S. medical care workers
Technology major Apple donates 10M masks to U.S. medical care workers

Apple has sourced around 10 million masks from its supply chain, claims CEO Cook.

With the coronavirus spreading rapidly across the globe, major companies have been doing their bit to lend support to victims and professional helpers alike. In the light of the same, technology behemoth Apple has made it to the headlines for a major announcement, where the company declares that it is planning to donate a mammoth 10 million masks to health care workers across the United States.

A tweet by the company’s CEO Tim Cook states that the company is proud that it has been able to make this donation to medical care professionals around the country. Incidentally the tweet also reveals that the firm has been able to source millions of more such masks for the regions across Europe that have been hard hit by the raging coronavirus epidemic.

According to a report by Forbes, Tim Cook had previously claimed that Apple is working on how it can donate millions of masks. However, the company had refused to declare if it already stockpiled and stored them somewhere or whether it is planning to source them from some other place.

Now Cook has claimed that Apple has been able to tap its supply chain in order to procure and donate about 10 million N95 protective masks that would help combat the coronavirus. The move makes Apple one of the several tech companies across California that are earnestly pitching in to help hospitals and medical care establishments deal with the shortage of protective gear as they strive to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Numerous other tech conglomerates have been striving to support the medical fraternity at such a crucial juncture. Tesla for instance, has apparently bought around 1,000 ventilators from China and has been sourcing them to California – one the U.S. states that has been very severely hit by the virus. Google, in this week, has apparently rolled out a website that provides up-to-date information on the current global scenario regarding COVID-19.

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