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The USTR adds foreign websites of Amazon in U.S. piracy & fraud report

The USTR adds foreign websites of Amazon in U.S. piracy & fraud report
The USTR adds foreign websites of Amazon in U.S. piracy & fraud report

The Office of the USTR (U.S. Trade Representative), a U.S. government body responsible for creating trade policies for the President, has reportedly listed allegations of damaged or fake goods sold on Amazon’s foreign websites operating in Germany, India, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom., is regarded to be one of the biggest online retailers in the world with operations spanning across almost all parts of the globe. Owing to these aforementioned allegations, many foreign websites of Amazon have been added to the Notorious Markets report created by the regulatory body to identify marketplaces that are known for piracy and counterfeiting concerns.

While speaking about the matter the office stated that it is considering getting more data about e-commerce platforms, which also includes those based in the U.S., in the future reviews of the Notorious Markets.

Amazon stated that it firmly disagrees with the report, and described it to be a purely political act and an instance of the President Donald Trump’s administration utilizing the U.S. government to further push a personal vendetta against the company.

Amazon has often tangled with Trump since he was elected as President. Donald Trump has also accused the newspaper, The Washing Post, of covering the Trump administration unfairly. The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive and Founder of

The USTR stated that it received a number of complaints that the seller data showed by the company was misleading and also allegations that it was very easy for anyone to sell things on Amazon as the company does not properly inspect its sellers before letting them operate on the platform.

While disagreeing with the allegations, Amazon stated that it has already employed many thousands of individuals and has also invested hundreds of millions of dollars in efforts to protect users against abuse and fraud, further adding that more resources and funding are required for law enforcement.

The USTR list has also named one of the largest e-commerce platform of China, Taobao is operated and owned by Alibaba Group Holding. The list also includes websites operated out of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Indonesia.


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