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TiVo announces the retail arrival of TiVo Stream 4K for consumers

TiVo announces the retail arrival of TiVo Stream 4K for consumers
TiVo announces the retail arrival of TiVo Stream 4K for consumers

TiVo, the firm that brings entertainment altogether, recently announced the retail availability of the TiVo Stream 4k, which offers customers the very first unifying streamer in the market. TiVo Streamer 4K has been considered as the mainstreaming device that brings in shows as well as movies together from the customer’s preferred platforms, both live and streaming, on one screen.

The consumers are capable of accessing live television from the SLING TV along with the other favorite streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix. TiVo has its own TiVo+ content catalog that requires lesser scrolling and more of watching films. TiVo Stream 4K was first launched to high acclaim at the CES Las Vegas 2020 and has been made available at with an introductory price of about $49.99, as well as a free trial for 7 days of SLING TV, for the new subscribers.

TiVo’s CEO and President, Dave Shull said that a time when viewers have been streaming more than they did before across a plethora of platforms, TiVo Stream 4K tends to integrate the content along with the search features and recommendations to make it an easier task for the customers to find, watch and even entertain themselves with the best of news, sports and entertainment from the popular services.

Shull further commented that the product received a very positive response from the media as well as the larger industry at the CES. The company will be delivering on its promise to unveil the TiVo Stream 4K that shall be symbolic for the firm’s major transformation from a renowned DVR provider to a forerunner at the streaming market.

TiVo Stream 4K presents a major evolution for the viewers and TiVo while also opening up a new avenue for opportunities for the content providers, advertisers, and content creators in order to engage the new audiences.


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