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TuSimple and ZF join hands for production of autonomous trucks

TuSimple and ZF join hands for production of autonomous trucks
TuSimple and ZF join hands for production of autonomous trucks
  • Autonomous supplier, ZF to act as default supplier of hardware components required for truck production.
  • The mass produced autonomous trucks to officially run on roads by the end of 2021.

With coronavirus scare leaving a dent on the U.S and global economies, one of the most crucial industries-trucking, that is constantly supplying deliveries of food, medical supplies, and other goods, has seen a gradual rise.

In light of this, TuSimple, a California based autonomous truck developer, reportedly announced establishing partnership with global automotive supplier, ZF. Apparently, this unison would support the production of autonomous trucks globally to help the epidemic’s worst hit places.

As per official sources, ZF will serve as TuSimple’s default supplier of hardware components that hold significance in development of self-driving vehicles. Moreover, the company will also lend its support in development of TuSimple’s pre-production autonomous system and eventually a production ready system for its commercial self-driving trucks.

In addition to this, through this partnership, TuSimple and ZF would conjointly develop production quality cameras, steering components, radar systems, LiDAR, and ZF’s scalable and superior automotive grade processor ZF ProAI designed using NVIDIA chips. Further, these are expected to run the AI-powered algorithms and software for furnishing autonomous driving. Besides, ZF will contribute engineering support to authenticate and deploy TuSimple’s autonomous system into the production trucks.

It has been claimed that the production would commence anytime soon in the next month and would cover the largest market encompassing Europe, China, and North America.

Commenting on the partnership, the Chief Product Officer at TuSimple, Chuck Price stated that the company’s partnership with ZF accounts to an important milestone for TuSimple as it aims at rolling out autonomous ready trucks to the global market. He further added that working closely with ZF to refine and embed TuSimple’s production ready technology has enabled the company to enhance the hardware stack and focus majorly on scaling the technologies to realize the production of autonomous trucks.

Speculations have it that the mass produced self-driving trucks are anticipated to operate commercially by the end of 2021.

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