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Watch Dogs: Legion to be rolled out on October 29, says Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion to be rolled out on October 29, says Ubisoft
Watch Dogs: Legion to be rolled out on October 29, says Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion developer Ubisoft has reportedly announced its plans to launch the game in the market on October 29 this year. The game provides players with the opportunity to lead a rebellion against the corruption by private military corporation and criminals in the near-future version of London. Watch Dogs: Legion is an operative aimed at rebuilding DedSec, the hacktivist resistance mission.

Sources state that the game will be available in four different editions comprising Collector’s, Ultimate, Gold, and Standard. In addition to the game’s basic version, the Gold Edition provides a Season Pass. The Ultimate Edition of the game comes with new masks, three additional heroes, and four weeks of VIP status to allow players to earn in-game currency at a quicker pace. Ubisoft has further stated that the Collector’s Edition has been exclusively made available via the Ubisoft Store and comprises a Ded Coronet Mask Replica, the game’s Ultimate Edition, a poster depicting the recto-verso propaganda, three stickers, and an exclusive Steelbook.

Watch Dogs: Legion equips players with the ability to build a resistance cell of up to 40 operatives amongst a broad range of skillsets including football hooligans, street artists, politicians, construction workers, grandparents, and spies. Every recruit has weapons and brings unique capabilities to the table such as a missile-equipped car, uncommon strength, a flying drone, or a rabble-rousing megaphone. These different skillsets provide with lots of ways for approaching missions as per the players’ wants, depending on whether the players prefer to go cloaked or stealthy. The game enables the sending of a spider bot for hacking purpose or for charging in to pummel through any corrupt mob guards or private-military goons that stand in the players’ way.

The game will be rolled out on October 29 for PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC (including UPLAY+). Ubisoft has further stated that if a customer purchases Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox One or PS4, the buyer will additionally gain access to the Xbox Series X or Play Station 5 versions of the game.


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