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WISeKey publishes digital security technical article at CBCrypto 2020

WISeKey publishes digital security technical article at CBCrypto 2020
WISeKey publishes digital security technical article at CBCrypto 2020

WISeKey International Holding, a renowned global IoT and cybersecurity firm, has reportedly published a new technical article that discusses how to ensure digital security and safety against hackers who could leverage quantum information science’s power to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

The research article was presented in the form of a video at the remote International Code-Based Cryptography Workshop, CBCrypto 2020, conducted between May 9-10, in Zagreb, Croatia.

IoT products are a key component in the 4th industrial revolution. This revolution brings together advances in the field of semiconductors, computation power, wireless communication, blockchain, data, and AI to develop a vast technology infrastructure that operates almost autonomously.

Studies regarding quantum computing were started during the early 1980s. The prospects are numerous and future computers would obtain an incredible computing power while using this technology. If used by hackers, quantum computers would be a threat to cybersecurity, as every cryptographic algorithm that is used to safeguard the digital world are exposed. To avoid this, the US NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) launched a large-scale campaign in 2016 to discover new resistant algorithms.

Carlos Moreira, CEO, and Founder of WISeKey stated that with a robust portfolio of over 100 fundamental individual patents and about 20 pending, across several domains including the NFC (Near Field Communication), design of secure chips, the development of backend software and security firmware, the enhancement of security protocols among advanced cryptography and connected objects and others, the company has grown to be a major provider of technology in the field of cybersecurity.

Moreira further added that this crucial asset makes the company the ideal Digital Trust Partner to deploy the present and forthcoming Internet of Everything.

While nobody has an exact idea as to when quantum computers would be available of a wide-scale, it is definitely projected to happen. As a result, the company is investing substantially to innovate new technologies and win this competition.


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