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Zoom addresses privacy issues; raises encryption level in the app

Zoom addresses privacy issues; raises encryption level in the app
Zoom addresses privacy issues; raises encryption level in the app

Increasing use of the Zoom meeting application, amidst the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus spread, has raised alarming concerns pertaining to the data breach and security of the app. In this regard, the company has been taking strategic initiatives to make the video conferencing application more user friendly while addressing the users security concerns. In a recent news, Zoom Video Communications Inc., reportedly announced upgrading the encryption features on its video conferencing app.

It has been reported that this step would enable the company to safeguard the meeting data and provide foolproof protection against data tampering. Apparently, the new version of this application, Zoom 5.0 will release within a week.

According to official sources, this upgradation decision comes ahead of recent mention by security researchers post finding out bugs in the application’s codes. Moreover, the company had failed to disclose that the video conferencing service was not end-to-end encrypted, putting at stake the personal data of over 200 million users.

The company has constantly been facing backlash from the users ever since its video conferencing application gained massive momentum globally for various kinds of meeting and online classes. Additionally, several companies, governments and schools have imposed ban on the use of this app owing to umpteen issues including ‘Zoombombing’ incidents, wherein uninvited participants crash meetings.

Speaking on this, a source close to the company cited that it has made several changes to its user interface like offering password protection and providing more controls to hosts of the meetings to keep a check on the unruly participants.

As per reliable reports, Zoom has responded to these issues by plugging the potholes in security by introducing a 90-day to enhance the functionality of app and appointing former Facebook security chief, Alex Stamos as an advisor. Besides, the upgraded version would also allow admin to choose data center regions for their meetings.

For the records, shares of Zoom rose by over 3 per cent at USD 147.35 in early trading.

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